anyway looks like this blog is a good opportunity to learn something.

so let me organzie the contents i can get started

  1.  to learn English,  improving my second lanuguage skill
  2.  to collect porn contents as same as Twitter
  3.  to learn about Web design skill, SEO or something
  4.  to develop the philosophy to get a perfect soul
  5.  making a link crowd for me and the person who's curious about that.
  6. to live a boring life with different feelings like i am a fool
  7. to note about the book I read.
  8. to forget about everything
  9. to change the perceptible world


basically, living an ordinary life is teribbly boring. it's same even if it is not tame 🙂

who enjoys preparing for Job application, studying for meanigless QUIZ, making a money for a living.

everything, literary everything here is the action for something different. and it's not the action for the action itself,

let me have a viewpoint which we can enjoy every meme (pleasure or suffeting)

by knowing the basic desire for every action.

you need to prove that by doing teribbly boring things again and agin

and get a gold and sweet addictive syrup of 16g from them.

anybody can enjoy the dillusion they developped.

but should not be the one, the owner of house of cards

in the situation of which you can pick up anything you want.