i made a completly free diary which i can write anything by using English.

in the end, i can't find the wordpress theme that i can display all the texts on its top page.

i don't like writing something in English because i can't grasp the summary of the sentence intuitively

and the article tend to be lengty, not consice at all.

firstly, i thought it's a good idea to do that on Tumblr's website, but they banned adult contents with a lazy security system 🙁

Adult contents are primary subject for my life,

and Tumblr choose to ban the sweet fruit.

I know it's because the APP store of Apple had decided to ban Tumblr, whcih was seen by them as they holds a lot of illegal contents like Loli porn pictures.

Some Media said they lost 40% of customer at once.  I think it's crazy to choose that option that most people there get mad,

but it suggest the impact of losing the big market created by APPLE 🙂

maybe the customer who loves porn hasn't contriubute them by using their money.

I know it because I also have some adult website and they, I mean the customer there, insists on the life of free fapping. (I am not sure if this phrase is good)

It can't be helped because I, myself, don't use money at all for adult contents.

I will pay for my pleasure only when it is really painful for me that I don't have the item on my local envirionment.


There are lot of websites which puts a sitty advertisement everywhere.

Is that really effective if the owner holds so much customers in his website?

Well, I am not sure.