I finished reading a thin book about life as a trader

well the book was pretty good I can make a space in my mind and intake something new.

could i say every winning/losing game depends on our mentality? how about happiness, studying, watching TV, making friends, writing something, achieving something, well i am not sure.

That book has not many information something new for me, that book has only 30-40 pages.

Words are strong but possibly weak if you are not ready to get it.

You should learn a lot from the book sold under $1 or the book that is forgotten by people in the old bookshelf.

maybe this is the thing what we call history, not the experience of themselves.

That must be fun if i can ignore all other things and going to purse it instead of all junk foods.


it's really impossible to become the most unhappy man in the world. not a few people are living a long and long life under hell pressure and not a few people chose to put their life under hell pressure until the last breath of his life.

are they pervert? hentai ? or Ninja? Loli-con or something

i am not sure,

but i am curious how that could be like

is that worth getting?

what's that for?

can i extract the essence that is common in every aspects of get-a-good life game?

consider, consider,


(HAPPY! - Naoki Urasawa )

"the tennis ball is floating in darkeness. this is all."


This is the scene of the comic about playing tennis. She is the world top player on that field. I know that is a fiction but the line suggests the ultimate condition of what we call focus.

(actually, this is the scene that she replied back to the fat guy why she will retire her life of the player)

every other thing is noise and only the one thing is of her concern. I remembered the concept oneness which I happened to know when I was reading the book about Japanese Zen.

maybe in that field of focusing, our conventional sense of winning/losing/challenging or something related doesn't mean a lot.

i thought that is wonderful. that is pure, small and beautiful.

if we can simplify every game, as the quest of approaching for his/her ultimate zone, and the pleasure of getting close or not.

it may be the only value we need to take care of as the philosophy

because it would be the spring of all true emotions