"Hi, How are you."
"I want to die. I feel gloomy"
"How come?"
"I woke up and saw the message on my smartphone from the people living in Japan.things are getting old and I can't stop it"
"Okay. so you must have seen something emotional pics or experienced something nostalgic."
"Yes, and I felt some awful pressure and my stomach hurts. even such a trivial thing gets my mental condition so bad"
"So maybe you should remember something which is small, trivial, but makes your heart filled with satisfaction"
"Is that for forgetting important task and running away from reality?"
"No, this is for holding up your performance level higher without losing the motivation to face the reality and make it clear"
"Not a bad idea, I guess. Still I can't stop thinking about committing suicide."
"I thought you gave up thinking about suicide"
"Yes. I already gave it up to do that. But still I thought it's a good method to clear every problems"
"If so, what makes difficult to do that"
"I have no courage to achieve it, and no one won't kill me"
"I bet it is. No one want to go to jail just for you"
"So what should I do?"
"Provoke them until someone get so mad and kill you."
”How should I go about doing this?"
"Feel good and mess up the society."