if the purpose of our life is to make easier life, why do we have to choose a difficult situation?

we know the one of suggestive ultimate goal of our life is to be happy, but we cannot show the specific way for achieving that because every people have different value and talent.

I can no longer consider the problem as my own one. regardless of my own personality and situation, this is the important thing to do. I won't change my mind even if everyone there becomes my enemy.

Even in the situation I probably would think about it and work for it as my principle. even if I have no friends and family, I can do that to show my respect for the people who developed the environment.

money and power is always floating everywhere like an air. all the issue depends on your ability to see/find that.

I think I should understand it on its exact sense. we won't lose it because it's impossible when you see that as one of the context/information.

and maybe I need to consider the second issue only after setting up this background as my key question.

one of the positive side about the issue is that we don't have to think about the situation which every problems got completely solved because it is apparently impossible.

let's play with one meaningless idea, does this principle help my life?

personally I have no reason to care about that because I don't think it's valuable enough to protect it politely, but some of my favorite people would feel sad when I throw it away for the rubbish bin.

similarly, I don't hope they try to lose their good life. I know they have a right to choose what they want. but it makes me sad so I would try to stop that for me. I need to say "You shouldn't die because I don't wanna lose you."

I'm sleepy. I will put an period here.